Kansas City Selected to Host 2015 AAF Central Region Conference

The AAF Central Region Board announced Kansas City has been selected to host the 2015 AAF Central Region Conference. The AAF-KC and District 9 will serve as co-hosts.

“We were very impressed with your overall vision, excitement and structural support for the conference, as well as the many offerings that Kansas City as a city has to offer,” said Sheryl Asman, AAF Central Region Chair.

The Central Region Conference brings together American Advertising Federation leaders from 18 states and five districts. The conference is open to all 84 chapters and the more than 12,000 members that comprise the Central Region. Our members are engaged in the advertising/communication industry and are leaders in their local and district AAF organizations.

The AAF Central Region Conference will be held in Kansas City, on Thursday, September 25 and Friday, September 26, 2015.

Each AAF chapter falls within one of three geographic regions: Western, Central or Eastern. AAF Central Region is made up of:

District 5: Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky
District 6: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
District 8: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
District 9: Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri
District 10: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Northwest Louisiana

“As one of AAF’s largest member chapters (over 1,200 members), largest boards (42 members spread out over three boards) and THE oldest ad club in the United States (we are older than AAF itself), we feel we are the perfect city to host the conference,” said Kevin Fullerton, District 9 2nd Lt. Governor and former AAF-KC president. “We are very excited to be chosen to host the conference and can’t wait to show off our fine city and district.”