13 District 9 Agencies Take Home National ADDY Awards


The national winners of the American Advertising Awards have been announced – with 27 awards going to District 9 members.

The awards will be given out during the American Advertising Awards ceremony on Saturday, June 13th in Las Vegas. The awards ceremony will wrap up the 2015 ADMERICA conference. Winners will find out that evening if they won Gold or Silver.

Congratulations to our District 9 winners. They are:

Agent // Lincoln

Silver: Nebraska Book Company – BBQ Splash Illustrations (Visual, Illustration Campaign)

Archrival // Lincoln

Silver: Red Bull North America – Red Bull Mega Destiny Kit (Special Event Material, Announcement)

Bailey Lauerman // Omaha

Silver: Union Pacific – Union Pacific Cinematography – “Answering the Call” (Visual, Cinematography)

Silver: Union Pacific – Union Pacific Cinematography – “Carrying a Nation’s Pride” (Visual, Cinematography)

Bazillion Pictures // Kansas City

Gold: Union Station Kansas City “The Momument Comes Alive” Projection Mapping (Animation or Special Effects)

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BicMedia // Kansas City

Silver: Union Station 100 Years (Music Only)

Silver: Union Station 100 Years Digital Projection (Sound Design)

Design Ranch // Kansas City

Silver: KC Dental Works (Collateral Material – Stationery Package)

GROUP360 Worldwide // Saint Louis

Gold: Dr Pepper Snapple Group – DPSG Halloween Cans (Packaging, Campaign)

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Hallmark // Kansas City

Gold: 5 Points Zine (Magazine Design)

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Iowa State University // Des Moines

Student Silver: Lisa Davis – Farm Animal Illustration Series (Illustration, Single)

Ocean & Sea // Kansas City

Gold: The Daydreams Project (Book Design)

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Rodgers Townsend DDB // St. Louis

Gold: The Hartford – Interactive YouTube Video (Music Only)

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Silver: The Hartford – Evan – Long Form (Visual, Cinematography)

VML // Kansas City

Gold: Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs II (Campaign)

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 Gold: Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs II: Yes, Yes, Yes (Branded Content more than 60 seconds, Music with Lyrics)

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Gold: Living History at Union Station (Mobile, GPS & Location Technology)

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Gold: Guide Dots (Mobile)

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Silver: Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs II: Desire (Branded Content more than 60 seconds)

Silver: I’m Not No One (Brochures/Sales Kit)

Whiskey Design // Kansas City

Gold: Boulevardia Environment (Branded Environment)

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Gold: Boulevardia Integrated Campaign (Integrated Campaigns – Consumer Local)

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Silver: Boulevardia Posters (Campaign)

Silver: Boulevardia Key to the Kingdom (Card)

Silver: Boulevardia App (Mobile)

There were almost 40,000 total entries in the American Advertising Awards – starting at the local level, moving to the District level, and then on to Nationals. The Gold and Silver National ADDY winners, which included the above, represent the top .0033% of all entries. Making the American Advertising Awards, the toughest compettion to win nationally. Congratulations to all our District 9 National winners.